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Our focus is education. We strive to educate each one of our students to be a confident, respectful leader with amazing horsemanship skills. Each student is provided with everything they will need to be a successful equestrian.

We have developed an eclectic program to help people on their wellness journey. Using the grounding affect the horses have and connecting that to various mental health exercises and methods, we have helped many people move forward towards mental wellness. We use cognitive behaviour therapy methods, mindfulness, self-reflection and awareness exercises, meditation, and much more to help people learn about themselves and what they are experiencing. These methods can be translated to any situation they may run into where their mental health could prevent them from moving forward.

Our program works great for managing mental health and achieving goals. Our team focuses on a life coaching structure where we offer support and experiential learning with our animals to provide meaningful learning experiences to our clients.

On top of private lessons using the Big Heart Method, we offer full day clinics for people to host at their own barn. Both of these options allow participants to experience the Big Heart Method with their own horse. All horses have the capability of being a healing horse!


Sponsoring Someone in need

We offer sliding scale payment options to those who need support but don't have as much financial freedom. When you donate, you help us offer discounted rates for our amazing program to those who need it!