Big Heart Equestrian was started in 2017 as simply a horse training service. The owner Aleka Duguay was starting unbroke horses using Marina Wright’s liberty method and was finding it successful! She was working with a foster horse who taught her a lot about herself and the industry she was working in. Her goal was to educate and change the way people look at horses. After experiencing the effect horses have on one’s mental health – she thought she would offer a new program to anyone looking to develop wellness within their mental health.
Big Heart Equestrian is not a therapeutic riding facility, it’s a little different than that. We provide people with skills and coping mechanisms to understand and manage their mental health. This is done through experiential learning with horses (and dogs) to learn how we are projecting our emotions and how we can learn to ground ourselves and move forward with our lives with a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
Our clients have found this program to be incredibly helpful on their journey to wellness; learning about themselves and horses. They leave each session with new skills and ambition for their future.