Amazing service for mental health & children with disabilities !


  • Samantha


This program has really helped me. The Overcoming Anxiety with Horses Program taught me a lot about anxiety and coping skills. Thank you Aleka and Mach!


  • Alexa

So Helpful

I really enjoyed the Overcoming Anxiety with Horses one day course. Some fantastic tips and methods to incorporate into everyday life to help manage anxiety levels. I loved working with the horses, it was a great mix of classroom time and hands on activity. I’d definitely recommend Aleka and her team!


  • Shelby

Overcoming Anxiety with Horses

Amazing!! Aleka knew nothing about Remi and the 3 key points she told me about were bang on! She is confident that each session Remi will be better and better.

Aleka is extremely knowledgeable and very calm around horses. Remi being very sensitive, she was very calm with him and he responded super! Looking forward to more sessions with Aleka so Remi can start to feel better.


  • Anbi on Equine Reiki with Aleka


A  very big thank you to Aleka at Big Heart Equestrian. My daughter attended the Becoming Mindful workshop and so glad she did. She learnt a lot from it and loved being there. Aleka, you are kind and understanding and all around a great person. Thank you so much, she has learned soooo much since meeting you!


  • Trish

What a difference!