By using the Big Heart Method to Developing Mental Wellness, the participants are understanding their emotions and learning how to manage them. This program allows people to experience learning with the horses, do a self-reflection and eventually transform into a healthier version of themselves – one that has a handle on their mental wellness! 

We connect our skills and coping mechanisms to horsemanship. This allows for our clients to have a hands-on, visual representation of the struggles and the process of getting through the struggle. Our horses are incredible at listening and expressing what they hear; you will never leave a session disappointed. 

It has been proven that horses help with mental health and we want our horses to be able to help you. This program is offered in a group setting, private lessons (with your horse or ours) or in a full day clinic setting that you can host at your own barn! When doing private lessons with this program, it is designed specifically for the participant. We adapt to their needs using the curriculum we have put together. 

This course is designed for teenagers and adults. We highly recommend it for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, stress and other forms of mental strain. Contact us for dates and any other information. This course is also available in a two-day clinic format for those looking for a great weekend activity!

Private Sessions are an hour in length. Includes activities with the horse and workbook activities to complete as well. | $75 per hour session |  Please click here to book an appointment online.

*If required* When traveling to you, there may be a travel fee depending on distance. Will be arranged prior to booking the appointment.